about call centres!

Call centre services are developing very dynamically, both in Poland and worldwide. However, the prevailing conviction is that this is only temporary and unattractive work, with no benefits or opportunities for development.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Myth no. 1
Working in a call centre
is “hanging on the telephone”

Working for HomeGlobal is more than simply “hanging on the telephone”. We carry out extensive projects in over 30 markets around the world. If you don’t feel comfortable in sales, we’ll find the right position for you anyway! And this is because apart from sales projects, we also provide a range of post-sale customer services (such as client support or complaint handling). In addition to the countless benefits you get from working with us, such as flexible timetables, a benefits package and a great atmosphere at work – you get a lot more, which you can find out yourself.

Myth no. 2
Working in a call centre
is for young people

Moreover, the work of a consultant is not an exclusive domain of young people taking their first steps in the labour market. HomeGlobal is also very well suited for mature and older people looking for a place to earn extra money, where age is of no importance.

Myth no. 3
Working in a call centre
means being “grounded” in a cubicle

Contrary to the common belief that working as a consultant or salesperson in a call centre involves being “grounded” in a cubicle while having to “hang on the telephone” – it all looks quite different with HomeGlobal. Our office space was developed with the ultimate comfort of our colleagues in mind. There are many amenities to enjoy, such as several relaxation zones and a terrace.

Myth no. 4
Working in a call centre
is all about working away from home

Thanks to state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, it is possible to work remotely 100% of the time. This means you can work from anywhere in the world. You get all the equipment you need – all you have to provide is access to the Internet.


This manner of work is perfect for people who prefer to work from home or those who are looking for a job that will not interfere with their love for travel.

Myth no. 5
Working in a call centre
means no opportunities for development

Those who cooperate with us are guaranteed the feeling of self-fulfilment and satisfying earnings (guaranteed basic pay + commission). Thanks to our training packages, you are constantly expanding your competencies, getting to know the secrets of sales and customer service, and gaining valuable experience. If you like what you do and you are good at it, you get big bonuses and a chance to get promoted.

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