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About – We refute myths about working at a call center! is a website that helps you develop a career in direct sales. With a global reach and cooperation with Polish and foreign companies, gives you a chance to earn impressive salaries from 500 € to as much as 2,500 € a month.

Note: We are hiring for vacant positions. Offices in the centre of Warsaw, Rome, and even Budapest are waiting for you. Do you prefer to stay at home? You can easily start cooperating with us from anywhere in the world – the only thing you need is Internet access!

These are not just empty words.

They are all true – you will see at the end of the first month, when you check the amount credited to your account. At we know that a company’s greatest asset is people. That is why we want everyone who decides to cooperate with us to feel appreciated and important.

Why are we the best at what we do?

  • works EXCLUSIVELY with companies that meet the standards set by ECCO (i.e. European Confederation of Contact Centre Organisations).
  • We have expertise in telephone customer service. The size and the renown of our website are evidenced by constantly growing numbers, including those most important for us: the number of customers served and the number of satisfied consultants.
  • Top consultants earn up to 2,500 € a month.
  • Lower-level management is first recruited from among the employees hired initially as telephone consultants.
  • We are looking for people who do not want to give up their private life, want to develop their hobbies and enjoy leisure time.
  • Daily work at a call centre is made more pleasant among other things thanks to well equipped kitchens, where you will find over 15 different types of coffee, tea, juice and much more.

Are you looking for a job that doesn’t negatively affect your private life? Do you want to earn a 4-digit salary each month and have time for your private life and leisure? Go to the YOUR CAREER tab now.

  • year experience in this sector

  • operational positions

  • languages

  • remote coworkers