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Do you want to grab up to € 2,500 per month without even leaving home? Read more!

Let's be honest: do you want to earn fast and easily? So we invite you to HomeGlobal - the market leader in customer service. We won't brag that we work on the latest telemarketing systems and that we are 100% flexible, because we allow working remotely from anywhere in the world.

We just want to tell one thing... At HomeGlobal the cash is right, as we give high commissions. We work with high-margin, branded products because we support companies that are selling like hot cakes. That's not all - a large segment of our business is PREMIUM customer service, so the earnings are even higher.

Any examples? Here you are one: Krzysiek, age 28, earns on average € 1,500 ! This is how he explains his success: „We have so many calls that we don't lack in work, we don't need to steal customers, as in some companies. It means that I grab € 1,500 - 2,000 net a month. If I work harder and I don't have any exams at school, I can have as much as € 2,500. Not bad!”

What do you have to do to join us? Read carefully the following points, especially the ones on training and a clear path of promotions.

Remote work

E-work, or remote work, is now the latest trend in the global economy. Why do millions of people around the world decide to work this way? The answer is below, meaning the 5 advantages this work provides you:

1. You save time

When you work remotely you don't waste time on commuting, you forget the traffic and what it's like to be nervous. You don't have to push through a crowded bus or subway. It means you get more time for your hobbies or for your family.

2. You save money

Tired of spending money on car fuel or on public transport tickets? Then don't! When you work at home you also save on food which you would buy for your lunch break.

3. It's convenient

Many people don't like teamwork: they're unable to concentrate when their colleague is talking on the phone at the next desk, and other people are loudly banging at the keyboard. Therefore, remote work gives you peace and quiet, because nothing and no one distracts you.

4. It's flexible

E-working makes you your own boss and you can choose your working hours flexibly. Your breaks and work pace are up to you. So you work in accordance with your own rhythm, which gives you more time to spend with your friends or to develop your interests.

5. It's a lot less stressful

Working remotely you forget about conflicts at work or rigid office regulations. You don't have to attend stressful meetings or trainings and there's no boss over your head who always reminds you about the deadlines. But that's not all - no more stress while commuting to and from work.

What we do:

Many years of experience and cooperation with the best manufacturers gave us the market leadership. However, not resting on our laurels, we plan further expansion in markets around the world. For this reason, we offer our employees the opportunity to develop in a number of product categories. Importantly, their number continues to grow due to the development of cooperation with our partners.

Our new employees start their careers from the 4 segments presented below:

Beauty category

The Beauty & Care division offers our customers innovative, high-quality solutions for body care. Both men and women will find something that suits them.

Healthy and beautiful skin is the centre of our concerns. For this reason, we offer a wide range of products from our partners: among others, modern anti-wrinkle and depilatory treatments as well as treatments to fight psoriasis. Additionally, various preparations to strengthen and thicken hair as well as anti-greying preparations. There are also mascaras and innovative formulas for oral hygiene. This is obviously just a fraction of the presented solutions.

Health category

The Health Category is a wide range of products, which is aimed at customers keeping in mind safety and natural ingredients. What does it mean? It means that they are preparations based solely on plant and organic components. Thanks to this they efficiently and completely safely interact with various ailments related to health.

In this category innovative slimming treatments and treatments for degeneration and stiffness of the joints stand out. These also include preparations to improve memory and concentration, to improve potency and to develop muscular physique. Finally, there are products related to the improvement of hearing and vision, and supporting the body in fighting various pains.

E-learning and e-services category

The rapidly growing popularity of services provided by the Internet caused us to also meet the needs of customers in this segment. We are proud to boast about the unique innovation created by one of our partners: a multimedia platform for learning foreign languages. This simple to use, convenient and effective tool is very popular as it perfectly replaces the ordinary, on-site course.

Our partners are a growing group of high-tech companies. Companies that constantly offer interesting and interactive services that make life easier, also in finance and insurance. And due to our know-how and experience they decided to entrust us with the care of their clients.

Premium category

Premium category means providing services to the most demanding and affluent customers. The range of products isn't so wide here, but it's 100% precisely selected and of the highest quality in order to meet the expectations of wealthier persons. For this reason - in consultation with our partners and manufacturers - we offer solutions of only the highest quality: exclusive anti-wrinkle treatments, specialized DNA testing, modern multi-supplements or selected e-services for VIPs.

Commissions for our employees are very high in the Premium Category. However, wealthier clients can only be handled by the best consultants, who prove themselves in the field of Beauty, Health and E-learning. Providing services to premium users is a promotion and an award, so you should constantly develop and reach your goals.

Recruitment and training or how we'll prepare you for work, 7 benefits.

There are 7 steps presented below of how to become a HomeGlobal co-worker.

We believe that only clear and simple rules in relation to the employee pay off in the form of mutual satisfaction. After all, it is confirmed by several hundreds consultants from 26 countries, who joined the HomeGlobal team and fulfil themselves in working remotely for leading manufacturers and brands.

NOTE: you're paid for the training since the very first day! And here are some details:

  • Anyone can become our consultant – you don't need any experience in the industry or any education in the field of marketing or advertising. There's only one condition: you need to have constant access to the Internet and be willing to work!
  • The whole process of recruitment, training and onboarding is on-line. What does this mean to you? It means that you'll learn everything quickly at home. This course is individual as a dedicated and experienced team leader will be assigned to you.
  • Your personal trainer you will present important issues such as sales psychology, persuasion, customer objections and social proof.
  • We communicate via Skype and other modern instant messaging services. The training only lasts for 5 days – at 5 hours a day. What is important, when you complete the training, you'll receive a personal certificate of acquired skills.
  • We pay for the training time, so this means that you earn from the very first minute of the onboarding course. There's more: you acquire some valuable knowledge as such a sales training, because the cost of such training is on the market is worth approx. EUR 2,000 on the market.
  • Usually on the fifth day our new employees get the chance to contact customers. However, if you'll learn the onboarding material faster, you can start providing services to a customer already on the third day! But don't worry! If you need more time to learn, we'll prolong your training. Just remember that once you complete it, you are still under the supervision of experienced HomeGlobal consultants. You will receive ongoing feedback on your conversations with customers.
  • Each employee has an open chance for development as we provide clear and precise promotion steps. Do you want to grab exorbitant bonuses in the premium services department for wealthy clients just after 6 months? If so, feel free to contact HomeGlobal - work remotely, earn globally!
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